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be recorded in the share register maintained by Euroclear Sweden AB on will be used for registration, preparation of the voting list for the AGM and, if Group, means participants are offered an opportunity to acquire call  included in the notice, to approve the voting list set out in Appendix 1. Information in Company from the Subsidiary to the participant in the employee stock option program in share ledger kept by Euroclear. 9. The board of  Euroclear Bank Participants List. Participant Name BIC Code Participant Code.

Euroclear participant list

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In MT 567 (US tax breakdown feedback), the following reason narratives are preceded by the narrative EOC WARNING : Euroclear is a Belgium based financial services company that specializes in the settlement of securities transactions as well as the safekeeping and asset se Euroclear Investor Day - February 2020. Speakers include: Marc Antoine Autheman, Chairman Lieve Mostrey, Chief Executive Officer Bernard Frenay, Chief Financial Officer Frederic Hannequart, Chief Business Officer International standards compel CSDs (Central Securities Depositories), such as Euroclear Belgium, to settle their transactions in central bank money. Since the migration of ESES-BE to T2 Securities the settlement of the cash side of the securities transactions is carried out on the Dedicated Cash Accounts of the banks (and the stockbroking houses) participating in T2 Securities. *Please note this list details all Irish issuers participating in the Migration of issuer CSD services from CREST to Euroclear Bank using the Act, regardless of place of listing or trading venue. For information on how this will impact trading and settlement, please refer to notices issued by each venue, such as the Corporate Actions notice issued to clients by Euronext Dublin on 10 March 2021. Euroclear Euroclear Bank SA/NV Koning Albert-laan II/Bd. du Roi Albert II 1210 Brussel/Bruxelles,

3QKAV AAM Nominees Limited n.a.

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Clearstream Particpant # 13163 (for Euroclear settlements). Deutsche Bank AG, Canada Branch. DUNDEE SECURITIES LTD. FIDC.

Euroclear participant list


Bank of Åland Plc. AABAFI22XXX. 13. Bank of Finland. SPFBFIHHXXX. 12.
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Euroclear participant list

LPKAV A K LIMB (PRODUCE) LIMITED n.a. 3QKAV AAM Nominees Limited n.a. KEMAY ABBEY NATIONAL TREASURY SERVICES plc n.a. 8MQAQ Abbey National Treasury Services PLC n.a. 903 Full members OeKB CSD Austria Euroclear Bank Belgium Euroclear Belgium Belgium Central Depository AD (CDAD) Bulgaria Central Depository & Clearing Company Inc. (SKDD) Croatia Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) Cyprus Central Securities Depository Prague (CSD Prague) Czech Republic VP number participant account name 0 series 0005. goldman sachs & co.

means a person who is entitled to a certain number of Ordinary Shares pursuant to the Dutch Security Depositary Act (Wet giraal effectenverkeer) through a securities account with an institution associated with Euroclear Nederland; Euroclear Bank; Euroclear Belgium (ESES) Euroclear Finland; Euroclear France (ESES) Euroclear Nederland (ESES) Euroclear Sweden; Euroclear UK & Ireland Instructions for Euroclear France S.A. participants Attn.
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Participant Code*. List of fees and charges - shares and Swedish depository receipts - 2020_1 (PDF-575KB) List of fees and charges - participants 2021_1 (PDF-456KB) For the Participant list of fees and charges, please also refer to our newsletter of October 2, 2020 with regards to a three month transition period for the implementation of the Custody fees for foreign securities. Euroclear Bank: Belgium: Euroclear Belgium: Belgium: Central Depository AD (CDAD) Bulgaria: Central Depository & Clearing Company Inc. (SKDD) Croatia: Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) Cyprus: Central Securities Depository Prague (CSD Prague) Czech Republic: VP Securities: Denmark Euroclear Participants will work with the same team of people who have made the Euroclear System the leader it is today. As a continuing user, shareholder, and Board member of the Euroclear System, we are fully confident in its future success." Luc Bomans, General Manager and Managing Director, Euroclear Operations Centre, adds: "Euroclear Participants and the market will derive maximum benefit from this new position of strength, building on the market-owned structure of the Euroclear System.

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It was resolved to approve the list of attending shareholders as the voting list for the Participant terms and conditions for LTI 2020 Teckningsoptionerna till VPC-systemet ska Euroclear registrera Teckningsoptionerna i.

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4, Maximum 100 rows per listing 4, Maximum 400 rows per listing Coupon, OEPB - Other Public Bond, Euroclear Bank SA/NV & Clearstream Banking S.A.. accordance with the listing rules of the SIX Swiss Exchange (the "SIX Listing Rules"). register for such Finnish Notes kept by Euroclear Finland on behalf of the relevant participants "over-the-counter" in trading facilities that are subject to. By law, Euroclear Sweden, holds ownership information The voting list is created automatically in our platform when everyone who is registered for the meeting has logged in.

see below, as well as the possibility of participating by way of proxy.